We at [company_name_short] recognize the physician-patient relationship is personal and critically important in determining the proper diagnosis and subsequent best treatment of your health condition. [company_name_short] encourages you to be as candid and as detailed as possible with your doctor during your visit. The following questions are offered as a helpful guideline in this effort.

Questions Your Doctor May Ask

  • If in pain, how severe is your pain on a scale of ONE to TEN (with TEN being the most severe)?
  • Is your pain constant or intermittent? Is it sharp or dull?
  • Is your pain related to any particular musculoskeletal range of motion that makes better or worse?
  • What do you believe might be the cause/source of your pain (any recent or past injury/surgery/unusual or prolonged activity, other medical conditions, etc.)?
  • Is your pain interfering with your recreational, sports or routine activities of daily living?
  • Have any previously attempted treatment modalities been effecting in relieving your pain?
  • Do you have any known allergies to medications?

Questions You Might Ask Your Doctor

  • What is my most likely diagnosis?
  • What are the most effective treatment options for my current health condition?
  • What are the pros and cons of each recommended treatment modality (side-effects, speed of recovery, precautions)?
  • What favorable outcome/s might I reasonably expect from my treatment?

Questions We Often Hear

  • I’m not sure my unit is working effectively. What should I do?
    If you are uncertain as to whether you are applying your eletrotherapy device optimally, please call your physician.
  • I have a question about my bill or Explanation of Benefits. Who do I call?
    Call [company_phone] and a [company_name_short] customer service representative will be happy to assist you.
  • I know that my electrodes on my unit need to be replaced periodically. How do I get new ones?
    In order to achieve the maximum beneficial effects from your device, it is recommended that the conductive electrodes be replaced frequently. To simplify the electrode replacement process and to ensure your uninterrupted therapy, [company_name_short] Technologies will automatically send an Electrotherapy Supply Kit according to your physician’s prescription.
  • Who do I call in the event I have a concern about a [company_name_short] products or services?
    [company_name_short] prides itself on recruiting, training and maintaining a highly capable, knowledgeable, and courteous customer service and billing staff. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Please call our toll-free number [company_phone] and ask to speak to customer service. In the event your questions have not been answered to your satisfaction, do not hesitate to contact our general manager.